Interactive and Virtual Training Solutions

Interactive Learning

Man wearing virtual reality goggles against illuminated night city
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Solutions
  • Interactive, Multimedia Tools
  • Multi-Path Simulation
  • Role-based Practice Applications
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Certification



Our approach focuses on the user via technology that create environments whereby subject matter, experimentation, learning, retention, testing and certification are key factors.

Technology used to deliver optimal training results include subject matter simulators and augmented realities, Kinect® Simulations, interactive multimedia tools and assessment tools.

These types of technologies enhance any and all employee or personnel training, learning and retention experiences.

The delivery of subject matter and knowledge through simulations or augmented realities etc transforms learning and training into innovative and unique experiences.

Our goal is to transform WHERE, WHEN and HOW people learn for maximum learning potential.

Learning is moved to the heart of overall business strategy for transformational results.


Customized, for optimal results.
Dynamic, fluid and flexible optimal learning content created in collaboration with our clients.

Online or Server Based

Virtual scenarios for learning, practicing and mastering any and all tasks


Remote accessibility from anywhere, mastery of functions and tasks by online or server based study, practice, repetition, honing, execution, testing and achievement.

Desktop/Mobile Simulators


Safety training at construction development sites

Hazardous Materials

Training and certification on handling and use of hazardous materials

Preventative Measures

Prevention and control of hazardous materials spillage and damage

Safety Equipment

Understanding the type of safety equipment needed to perform any task

AR/VR Simulators