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The VIP Silver Agency Partnership offered by Toro Interactive empowers your WordPress website with superior design, development, and optimization services.
By granting access to unique WordPress features and resources, we align with your business objectives, ensuring enhanced performance. Explore the magnitude of WordPress capabilities
with Toro Interactive's comprehensive partnership.

Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner

What sets WordPress
VIP apart from others?

The WordPress VIP platform makes running larger environments easy. Enterprise authentication, code scanning, vulnerability protection, and advanced auditing enable it to meet the most rigorous security requirements. WordPress VIP ensures seamless performance and peace of mind for high-traffic websites and mission-critical applications.

A single breach can have massive financial impacts to your company. We keep you secure when WP Engine can’t. And only WordPress VIP has certifications like FedRAMP authorization to prove it.

Code scanning of every piece of your environment: We check our infrastructure plus your plugins, and code to make sure everything is secure.

Protection at the edge: We provide DDoS protection, firewalls, and a secure network from edge-to-origin to protect you from attack.

We run parts of our production file system in read-only mode, protecting applications from common attacks that install backdoor shells and other malicious files.

Are you ready for the next giant spike in traffic? We built our platform to ensure that on your biggest day and every day, your site delivers unparalleled speed for users all over the world. On Election Week 2020, when FiveThirtyEight delivered 1.3B pageviews and spiked at 132,000 requests per second, WordPress VIP kept them up and running.

Rapid scaling: We’ve architected our entire system to handle traffic spikes. From our containerization to our system architecture and our data centers, we were built for scale.

Optimized infrastructure: Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the most demanding customers, who have put our infrastructure through its paces. On day one, you benefit from that deep, trusted experience.

Auto-optimization of your assets: We automatically make your site better. Our built-in technology for image optimization, and minification, and concatenation of script and stylesheet assets improve page loading speeds.

WordPress VIP takes care of even the most complex enterprise-scale sites. With WP Engine, your technical staff will spend far more time and resources on routine maintenance tasks.

Management of multisites: We’ve built a whole set of tools to help you manage complex, multisite environments, and we’ve honed them with some of the biggest digital properties in the world.

Hourly backups: We back up full sites and subsites hourly to protect your most valuable resources.

GitHub repository: We integrate with GitHub to provide support for Continuous Development / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) practices.

When you need support, you get it with WordPress VIP. WP Engine acts like a traditional hoster, whereas we act like a partner to help you through your key issues, ensuring faster time-to-market with your releases.

Support of your whole environment: We go beyond simply supporting the infrastructure. We offer real developer-to-developer support, sharing expertise and helping you move faster and deliver better quality enhancements.

Strategy and architecture consulting: We offer a broader set of services to help you through strategy, business case development, architecture decisions, launches, and a wide array of other key initiatives.

Higher SLA levels: We offer a 15-minute urgent / 4-hour non-urgent SLA. If you do have an issue, we get you back to business faster.

Work with a digital agency that specializes in the development of cutting-edge products & platforms that elevates your customer’s experience, foster unwavering loyalty, and fuel the growth of your business.


Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner

Digital Strategy

- Design Strategy
- Goal Setting & Benchmarking
- On-Going Support

Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner

Data Migration

- Legacy CMS to WordPress
- WordPress to WordPress

Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner

Theme Development

- Custom Theme Dev
- Security Review & Auditing
- Performance Review & Auditing
- API Integration & Integrations

Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner


- On-Going Support
- Platform Support & Updates
- User Experience Analysis

Toro Interactive Digital Agency WordPress VIP Partner

App and Plugin Development

- Custom App Dev
- Custom WordPress Plugins
- Plugin Security Audits
- Plugin Enhancements

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